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Transportation insurance from ZCA is like having a good friend on the road.

At Zack Cooper & Associates, we offer all standard coverage needed by those in the transportation industry including auto liability, physical damage, cargo, general liability, real and personal property, workers compensation, warehouse legal, and umbrella liability.  Additionally, we can provide some of the nuance coverages that can be critical to the transportation clients, such as occupational accident and injury for independent contractors and blanket employee crime policies, to include independent contractor resources.

Coverage plan designs also include large deductible and Self Insured Retention (SIR) programs for the larger and more sophisticated insured.  Single and group captive programs are also among our tools to formulate the best risk funding mechanism for your company.

One-Of-A-Kind Transportation Programs

Zack Cooper & Associates is the national program administrator for the nationwide intermodal program.  This niche program addresses the special needs of intermodal drayage firms. This unique program provides all insured with coverage issued by an A rated, admitted insurance company in every state, while at the same time providing participation by every insured in underwriting profits.  Moreover, the program provides rate stability and predictability for every participating insured. This program is available through Zack Cooper and Associates offices in Commerce, California, Oakland, California, Knoxville, Tennessee, and a select group of independent agents around the country. 

In addition, we are the exclusive management company for the Intermodal Carriers Association of North America, a national program offering low cost insurance and benefits for owner/operators in the intermodal industry.

For more information on how we can design a transportation program to meet your business objectives and minimize your costs, contact Zack Cooper at 1-888-722-0812 or email us today.